My Week – Ground Control

My Sunday RamblingsIt was a stressful week because it was the first week of Q’s four weeks holiday. I have three more weeks to go with just B as admin support. If the first week is anything to by, I cannot have this every year, where an employee shoots off for fours weeks in one go. NOT in a small practice.

B and I spent some of the week (not enough) reviewing our ground control system options. Between Glide and Xero Practice Manager (XPM), I have decided that XPM will be our ground control system.

As I mentioned in previous blogs, I spent a considerable amount of my time in the past in the setting up of XPM as our practice engine. Glide does have a significant advantage of being niche software for accountants in practice.

My learning curve on XPM is considerably shorter, because of my previous experience with it. Both XPM and Glide, offer excellent customer support. I think they are both sound options.

B and I spent time in starting the setup of XPM. Giving praise where praise is due, the response from Xero on the issues we raised was excellent. Also, in the main, the response was prompt. Being Xero, you cannot pick up the phone and speak to anyone; we are okay with this since email is my preferred communication medium.

I will sit down with B next week and inform him what he should do to make further progress with our ground control system.

With Q on leave, it has brought home to me that we need a trusted ground control system. Q prefers her pen and paper approach. We have moved well beyond this stage. Her system, cannot work as we progress with our practice.

To have a trusted system, a lot of time and thinking needs to go into the setup phase. Further, it needs to be one trusted system. My concern is Q may carry on her way and will update XPM for me. I will find a way to get Q’s buy into XPM as our ground control.

My Wheels

My stress level was not helped by my essential transport vehicle; that is my bicycle. It was in a workshop for two whole days. Two days! It takes longer to drive or use public transportation to get to my office. These two modes are also unpleasant. I rather be in fresh, okay polluted air on a saddle.

I need to get around getting a second bike that I can use when one is ill. I am thinking of turning into an English gent and buying a Pashley. I do not believe that even 90 years of Pashley history will succeed on this aspect. That stiff upper lip is an art form. It will just be me on a Pashley.

FYI Only 

I am surprised with the click rate on Weight page on my WordPress blogs. I am changing the Weigh-in day from Wednesdays to Sundays,  effective from this Sunday.

Book Reviews – I enjoy writing book reviews blogs. I am reviewing books in sections or parts of books till the end of the book. It also gets me in a good habit of making an effort to read more. They are likely to be regular books reviews blogs on AW. If you have any suggestion on business books worth reviewing please let me know. I am currently reviewing How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life. My reviews will improve with experience.

2 thoughts on “My Week – Ground Control

  1. I look forward to your book review. I’ve started reading the other book by Heather Townsend, The Go To Expert. Maybe we can compare! I’m enjoying it at the moment.

    1. Thanks Nisha. Good idea. I look forward to reading your review of The Go To Expert. After finishing How to Make Partner, I will move on to The Go To Expert. It will be so interesting to see how our reviews differ.

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