My Week – Meetings are Dead

Tired of feeling like a numberTo some, maybe many, three potential clients queries in a week are nothing. I am grateful for them and considering my more recent marketing efforts; I am impressed.

I lost out on the two because I did not handle them well. Both the potential clients did not want talk over the phone or have a meeting. They wanted detailed email communication only. I missed that point. I asked them for a telephone conversation.

Had I responded in detail through emails, I have no doubt, I would have won both of them over. A hard lesson learnt.

I managed to win the third client. I learnt from my mistake from the first two. I drafted a detailed email response to her queries. We then exchanged a series of emails. Based on these , she decided we were right for her. This was followed by  a 40-minute telephone conversation.

You have to bear in mind, the way the well-connected world is going, by not having face to face meetings we are missing out on the all the important body signals.

One of the most frequently quoted statistics informs us that 93% of all daily communication is nonverbal. This means it not easy winning over clients when such an important communication signal is missing.

Despite the downsides, the non-face to face communication is my preferred mode. It just agrees with my brain’s wiring.  An ageing body does not mind an ageing mindset, my dear reader. Bravo me.

Meet B

I have taken on B to fill L’s post. It is a temporary cover until I have time to think how to fill L’s post on a permanent basis. He will work three days a week. His role is mainly admin. He is at an early stage of AAT studies. I needed a body asap, at the same time, I did not want to make a wrong decision in a rush. Hence, the temporary cover.

Practice Management Software

I know that if and when Taxcalc decides to develop its Practice Management software, it will be good. They do NOT release a product until it does what it is meant to do with the lowest learning curve. Further, it will look pretty on the screen. This is a major factor because of the amount of our time spent looking at the product.

For us, the current TaxCalc PM cannot be used for PM. It needs work.

We will be going back to using Xero Practice Manager. It has some fundamental weaknesses that I will address in another blog.

As you may know, I spent a considerable amount of time on Xero PM before wrongly moving away from Taxcalc to another integrated software provider. It means our learning curve on Xero PM will be considerably shorter.

B will play a vital role in setting up Xero PM with my guidance. This was one reason I wanted L’s replacement asap.

Okay but

The practice is doing well. It is improving day by day. I am pleased. I still have the problem of finding a space for business development. Just Saturday mornings, is good, but NOT enough. For the moment, it is what it is. I have to accept that.

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