My Week – Goodbye

MalawiIt was a normal working week for me. In that, I worked on Monday and half day Saturday. These two days were excellent. I was not disturbed by client queries and by Q or L.

I was on my own doing the work I meant to do for a long time. I am sure you know that work was business development. Though I have not even scratched the surface on this aspect. I will, through my Saturday mornings.

As small practice owners with employees, at times we have to make unpleasant but very necessary decisions. There is no point in procrastinating over these decisions. I had to say goodbye to L. It was not working out. I think it is best I leave it here.

I am now thinking about various options in connection with L’s post. Taking on an apprentice is one of the few options I am reviewing.

I spoke to some candidates today, who have worked for me in the past to judge their interest. There is some interest.

Q’s view is that the post does not need to be filled. I disagreed. Understandably Q is looking at the practice as a functional technical accountant. That is her role. She does not have a helicopter view of our small practice. She is not involved in the practice management and growth. Further, we need a body to do the work. Q will do her hours and head off home. I have the responsibility to maintain our client base and growth. This is not to say Q is not valuable to the practice. Far from it.

Feeling Low

It was also a week when that damn time made me a full year older. I was not in a good mood. No, I was in a terrible mood. For some reason, this year’s birthday has hit me hard. Yes, I know about not being able to turn back time. It does not help. In fact, it makes it worse.

I am always reminded in the process of posting my blogs on the new AW, to keep the blogs business related. I will not elaborate on my recent addition of a full year to my not to so anymore middle aged years. Even if I could, I do not think I would.

End on a positive

For my sanity. I want to end this edition of My Week blog on a positive note. It is important I do. Please indulge me. It was my birthday week.

Professionally, considering my background, I think I have done very well. It has come at a massive price, but I did it.

At the age of 16, I was new in Blighty. Understandably, with my CSE results, I was suited for supermarket jobs or an office job as a filing clerk

With the hormones of a 16-year-old, I opted for the office job since they were better-looking women in the office. I filed papers the whole day! Through night school, I managed to get Uni entrance requirements. From here, things changed. My professional life began to improve.

I better leave it here my dear reader. Otherwise, you will not buy my best-selling autobiography. It is due out in a few years time.

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