My Week – FOCUS

It was another tough week. I was incredibly busy. My activities, once again, were around business maintenance and NOT business growth. As you know, this is not because I do not want to put some time on business development. Our workload does not leave me much of an option. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I will not work on growth at the expense of neglecting our existing clients.

In my middle age years, it has finally clicked with me that it is impossible to do everything. As you know my dear reader, we are living in a fantastic age whereby we have so many opportunities and distractions.

My brain was buzzing over the week about things I want to do. I also had difficulty in sleeping thinking so much to do and so little time. It was on my relaxing cycling commute on a beautiful sunny summer morning to our office, my overactive brain I think, give me a sort of a way out of placing more than time allows demands of myself. It just said FOCUS on what you want. I got it!

What I mean by focus is think what are the key aspects you want that make you, you. The rest can fall by the wayside. We will never have enough time to do everything we want. Never. So, best to give up fighting and focus on the very key aspects that you want to achieve.

I will not list here what is/will be my focus in life. I have not worked it out fully myself. Though one of them as you know, is my world, that is my practice.

I may talk about my life focus in future blogs.

Making Life Digital

Over the week, I spent most of my little spare time that I have, thinking about and researching how can I have all my life I mean all personal records and life planning, ideas, etc paperless. I want zero paper or near as over my personal life.

I came across THIS YouTube video, that was very much along my lines. What a guy! I love the way he outlines the benefits of paper then hits you with a convincing point (?) about digitisation.

Evernote and Todoist

I also viewed many YouTube videos of organising my life digitally. Using Evernote plus Todoist (both premium versions). Is the way.

Evernote because of its accessibility across all devices combined with its superb search functionality and Todoist which is so much more than just a task manager. I can adapt it to Getting Things Done principles.


I do not have a tablet or a laptop. I looked at various portable device options. I did not think Chromebook, good old YouTube, sold me the idea of Chromebook laptop. I will look at this option further, so far I am sold on Chromebook.

Zero Inbox

I now have zero Inbox. Through organising my emails through Todoist. I can put emails (Gmail) as todos in todoist. It was great to see my inbox with no emails. They are either actioned straight away if they take less than two minutes or put as a todo on a specific day.

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