My Week – Got my Kill!

Like you, no doubt, I am loving the beautiful weather. I am stressed, but the sunshine is keeping me sane and I am more than just okay. The days are getting shorter, I am appreciating the few great sunny days we have left until the next summer.

After weeks of starvation finally, this week, I got my highly satisfying kill in the shape of 2 new clients. So needed this. I was getting concerned. This is also a sign of my move to business development from business maintenance. It turned out that only about 15% of my time was spent on business growth activities over the week. The rest was on the day-to-day.

I stayed in my ninja productivity mode. I got a lot done. We have a long way to go before I feel am in control. We are continuing to plug away. With Q on leave from mid-September, I will be back to the day-to-day until she returns from her vacation.

Caught up with M

After weeks, I had a good catch up with M. She is not having an easy time in her current job, but the money is great. I was surprised that she offered to help out over the weekends (Saturday or Sunday) for no money (!), when Q is on leave. Of course, I will pay her. It is likely I will ask for her help. Q will be off for a month; I will need the support.

L back

I was pleased that L is back from her leave. Her contribution was greatly missed. Thankfully, she is catching up with some of the backlog.


The way workload is going, I will need to come to the office on Saturday mornings. This to do some of the business development work. It is the only peace, and quiet time I will get to think growth and move forward. Otherwise, I will be doing it doing it and doing it.

Though for the first few Saturdays, there is a lot of personal finance stuff I need to sort out. It will clean my brain of the nonsense that is floating around it.

No Free Services

I have started to charge clients for services outside the scope of my engagement. My fear of losing them and adversely affecting our goodwill is still there, but I just say to myself what the heck. Clients do not like it, (who likes paying money?) but with some convincing, they accept the bill.

Client Work Priority

There is so much I want to do, to move the practice but I will always place client work at the top of the list. There is not much point working on business growth without making sure existing clients needs are met.

Content and Typos

I can no longer blog on Friday evenings since I have so many other things going on at that time. Yesterday, my attempt to draft a blog failed since I was exhausted. I will now try writing My Week blog in 40 minutes max at Friday lunch time. I did this today. Please give me  slack on the content and typos, my dear reader. Like you, I do not have the luxury of time. I still want to blog since it helps me somehow.


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