My Week – Where is our work ethic?

PhishingI was a real productivity ninja over the week. I put myself in action mode. I got a lot done. There is so much more for me to do. I will get there.

The work I managed to complete needed to be done a few weeks back. Other matters combined with my procrastination meant I did not get going on the tasks much earlier.

Next week, I will continue in my ninja productivity role. I am enjoying it since I feel I am addressing the frog tasks. It is satisfying when I get them out of the way one by one.

At the end of the day, I leave the office feeling I have done all I can. That is it. This has also resulted in me not working in the evenings.

Q off

Q will be on annual leave from mid-September to mid-October. I did not have an option but to agree to the leave request. As a small practice employer, I think the UK leave entitlement is generous. It makes it difficult to operate a business. At the same time, I cannot take on a self-employed since under the law they would in effect employees.

I will retain Q and L for as long as I can. Going forwards I will seriously look at the outsourcing option. We are living in a highly competitive environment. To survive and prosper; I need to not only match the competition but beat it.

I think we should follow the US annual leave system. There are no statutory leave days. The norm is ten days after one year’s service. THIS link shows annual leave entitlement around the globe. It is an interesting read.

Where is our work ethic?

I think it is concerning the way we are going. Come summer time, a large number of us are off on our summer vacation. Have you tried to contact clients during the summer period? With most of them, there is an Out of Office Responder saying “not now, I am on my hols!”

Then it is back from summer hols, work for a few weeks, and you guessed it – it is CHRISTMAS (madness) period. Have you tried to contact anyone to get some work done two weeks either side of Christmas day? “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am on hols!! Hell, I have worked hard over the year!” Madness, madness, madness.

In between our holidays, there is not much of a window to get the work done. Also, do not forget the bank’s holidays and Easter break. I have to pay for all those days off. Yes, I do. No work is done, but I have to pay for the leave. That is a UK plc of which I am a proud shareholder, but it is not for employers.

Lets also not forget those damn Sunday trading laws. We live in a highly developed country, and we have archaic Sunday trading laws. Well done you Scotts, you got this right.

Dud Clients

Some of my week was spent on reviewing our client list. We have some clients whose:

  • Direct Debits failed for the past few months
  • All attempts to contact them did not get us anywhere
  • HMRC deadlines were missed because they failed to keep up payments.

These clients take up productive time with a negative return. I have started to send out disengagement letters to dud clients. I do not want us to give up any more of our valuable time on them.

On the Up

Yes no recent client recruitment, but I still think we are on the up. We are addressing our practice’s bottlenecks to improve our efficiency for our impending growth.

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