My Week – Summer in London

Bike headerI think the best place to be in summer is London. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not in the social scene of this fantastic city. I just love being in London during the summer. It is at its best. I do not understand, why people do not staycation in London.

Although my daily cycling commute to the office is getting riskier, in the London summer it is still the best. I would not even dream of traveling any other way. It takes me back to my childhood days in sunny Malawi. I used to love to cycle as a fat child.

Why would anyone want to drive in summer? I see a fair number of summer cyclists. This is good. I think more people need to get out of their metal cage and start pedaling.

Moving on to practice related matters, my week, once again, just flew. Next week it will be August. The 8th month of 2016 folks! Hey! Why does the time go so damn fast!

Payroll and AE

I spent some of my time on Bright Pay (BP). As I mentioned before, my reason for the move to BP from Moneysoft (MS) was because of AE. For us on PAYE BP does not match the efficiency of MS. They are so bang on with PAYE. It requires less time to process payroll and email payslips from MS.

I did exchange feedback emails with BP. On some of the key aspects that I would like, one of these being able to email everything I can extract from BP to be emailed from BP, that will not come.

I will stick with BP because of AE. Otherwise on PAYE BP would not be my first choice. Credit to BP on listening and responding to my emails.

Where are we?

Since M left and Q joined, I do not know where I am with my practice. By this I mean I have some idea of my fee level, client level, and expenses, but I do not have an exact knowledge. In other words, I am not in control of my ship. Q, L and I have been involved with deadlines and meeting client needs. It has been an incredibly busy time for us.

We have made significant inroads with our workload. We are not entirely out of the woods yet. We have reached a stage now where I can move to practice development. Though at this juncture, it will not be a full-time role. I will still have some involvement in the day to day, but I will have some time for practice development.

My starting point, on practice development, will be taking stock as regards to where the practice is at this stage, the viability of the practice and the direction I want to take the practice from here. It will NOT be going straight in expansion mode. That would be a waste of money. Taking stock and having a clear vision where we want to be is vital. From here development plans will follow.

I can see at least the first two to three weeks of August in taking stock and developing a clear vision of next steps. Following this taking action.

Doom and Gloom

I have read the doom and gloom perspectives for small practices. Particularly, for those practices which are mainly doing compliance work. I DON’T buy into all this. Yes, it is hard, and it will get increasingly worse. Having said that, for the practice who has a clear vision, great marketing, and highly efficient systems there is room for growth. I am positive, and I am looking forward to further growth!

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