My Week – My Role

Dandelion clock in morning sun

My week proved we are making progress with our workload. I can see myself moving from day to day to business development from August. I am concerned that expansion has come to a standstill. I am itching to getting back to working on the business.

The response on the previous My Week blog made me pause me think what my role as a practice owner. I wish I had the time sit and twiddle my thumbs.

I think it is best I draft my job description. It will help me and maybe it will help some readers as well. Please bear in mind there is no right or wrong way here. It is what works for you. What fits your experience, personality, style and gets the results.

It was never my intention to take the role of a technician in my practice. Me getting involved in the day to day means expansion would slow down significantly. If I wanted to maintain a  specialist role, I would be in a job, earning far more and with considerably less pressure.

It is NOT because I am incapable, or I think technician’s role is beneath me. It is simply because I do not see this as a practice owner role since opportunity costs are substantial. If you can combine the two functions, great that it works for you. That does not mean I am wrong and you are right. It means we have different styles of working.

The aspect of the practice life that makes me take all the downsides and they are many is the business development side. Expanding the business and taking it to the next level. I am willing to take the disadvantages for the reward of not reporting to some big headed line manager.

Getting back on track, what is my Job Description? Here is how I see it.

  1. Have a clear vision of the practice’s direction and get employees buy-in on this vision
  2. Set clear growth and work goals for the practice
  3. Undertake marketing activities to achieve growth
  4. Establish clear systems for the practice and ensuring systems are adhered
  5. Recruit, retain and motivate staff
  6. Be a source of support to employees. Be approachable.
  7. Ensure practice provides excellent client service leading to referrals and client retention
  8. Ensure financial viability of the practice
  9. Ensure practice’s work environment is conducive to increase productivity and retain staff
  10. Ensure employee maintain their CPD
  11. Where necessary, challenge current performance levels.
  12. Building alliances and partnerships with other organisations.
  13. Overall smooth running of the practice

I do not tick all the boxes. I have some weaknesses. Number 12 above is one of them. I need to go out and meet people to build alliances. I want to get other aspects of my role in control before I tackle number 12.

BTW an early posting of My Week blog, since it will be difficult for me at the end of the day on Friday.



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