My Week – Varied Role

offerIf you are small practice owner, especially if you have employees, I have no doubt you will agree when I say we have such a challenging and a varied role.

Pease give me some slack to bore you my dear reader. My Week blog is intended to reflect the key events that affected the centre of my world. That, as you know, is my small practice. Even if it means you start yawning or give up reading halfway through or earlier on in this blog. I am willing to pay that price.


The moment computers fail, productivity stops. It gets to me since I am paying for time that is not used productively on client work. My bottom line is adversely affected. That gets me in a terrible state.

Q’s desktop ended up with a virus. In true employee fashion, she informed me about it. It was up to me being Small Practice FT of all trades to sort it out. My previous experience of getting an IT specialist to deal with it proved that the cost of paying them is not worthwhile. It is best to get a new computer since IT experts costs proved to be higher than the lowering price of desktops.

The delivery time for the computer was NOT the next day. So I decided to become a virus removal expert courtesy of my God (Google).

Virus checker removed some virus but not others. My God provided me detailed instructions on how to remove the rest of virus and malware. That did not work. I worked late into the night with varied instructions from my God and my newly acquired virus removal expertise.

On my own in the office in the evening and using more colourful language helped me get my solution and the virus specially delivered from China was removed. Q could have her PC back the next day. I had feelings of both relief and anger about how time was being used.

Expect the unexpected

It concerns me that I do not have the time for business development. It just is not happening. Life always throws the unexpected. I just have to do my best and get on with plans.

I have to make the time from August. Zero client recruitment is not the place I want to be. No, no, no. That would be a dead practice. Other day to day issues always come up. With a practice with an okay client base, I do not think day to day will change hugely. I just have to block the time for business development. It is a must.

Payroll software

We moved from Moneysoft to Bright Pay over the week. The key reason for this is because of AE functionality. BP is better for a practitioner who is not yet confident with AE. More generally, BP are more customer focused than Moneysoft. On payroll functionality, MS is more efficient.

Longer Days

I love the long summer days. Extra hours of daylight means I get more done. Also, more daylight means I am in a better state of mind. I am not looking forward to shorter winter days. I will make the best of summer and deal with the winter days as and when. By that time, I will be carrying less weight. It means I will feel better overall.

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