My Week – Business Development

img_0339Finally, we are making good progress with our workload. I am a little less stressed and I can see me getting back to business development from August onwards.

New client recruitment was zero because I am the missing ingredient. I expect this will be the case until I get back to business development. I need to get back to business development. Very very important.

My ideal would be Q being more confident and just running with the work. That will take time. It will happen. Her confidence is growing.

Additional Work

I sent a round robin email to ALL clients with a price list for work that is outside of the scope of client engagement. With a client base that has thankfully grown, (though not enough yet) I cannot have our practice providing free services.

I am sure the price list would avoid future misunderstanding. I should have done this months ago.


I was thinking over the week that we need to have themed time periods for our practice. By this I mean, themed management practice areas that would be the key work outside day to day client work. I am thinking follows:

July – Get templates sorted to make it easy for employees. This will also bring efficiencies.

August and September  – Improve current electronic filing system

October – Improve office environment

November – Review tax calc. Can we use it in a better way?

December – Think and start writing procedures (guides) for clients on Xero.

Magic Pills

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I sought the support of a nutritionist over a three month period. This has been a great help in that my weight stabilised and this is the first week I am now in weight loss.

I took time out in looking into what help is out there to reduce my food intake. The product I mentioned in my Tuesday’s blog is working.

My dear reader, I am pleased to say since I started taking the magic pills, my appetite reduced substantially. In just three days, I have lost 2 lbs. It could be the placebo effect of the pills and my increase intake of water with these pills, whatever it is folks so far it is working. I am well pleased! Further, I have experienced only positive side effects. I feel alert and positive.  I think this will carry on!

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