Weight Loss

Weight control

Hello folks, as you know my weight has been steady over the past few weeks. I want to move to weight loss now to improve the quality of my life.

Over the weekend, I spent an incredible of amount of time looking for something that would reduce my appetite to lose the excess weight.

There is so much misinformation for the sellers to get the business. This includes made up reviews on Amazon and the net generally.

I hit on something that on day one (today) appears to be working well. I had a very small breakfast and very small lunch after 4 miles of cycling and no side effects. I have eaten  far less than I would normally eat. I am not feeling hungry. Caution, it is only day 1. Could this be it!?

Here is the product:


I will report my progress in my next My Week blog.

If you try it, please let me know how you get on.

Edit 8pm Tuesday 5 July

This product is amazing. Normally at this time of the day, I would be exhausted. I am relaxed and high! It is safe to take. It is sold in Boots.

She does not need to lose weight! Videos well worth watching. Girl holding the melon, made me smile.




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