My Week – Life is so short

Beetle seatThe bidding on my Beetle on ebay far exceeded my expectations. I was honest about the condition of the car. To my surprise, it went for £577 over the week. Not a bad price for a car that needed £1500 to £2000 of works.

I am now carless for the first time in many years. It will not make any difference.  I am not a car person. In fact, it will save me money.

Bye Black Beetle. I bought you at the time when I was going through a mini mid-life crisis. Considering my lifestyle, it was not the right decision.


I tell you practice life is not easy! The risk-reward ratio is out of kilter. I have to carry on with it since I do not want to work for anyone else. Even though my earnings as an employee would be substantially higher.

My week was incredibly busy with the day to day. It concerns me since I do not get a chance to work on activities that would add value to the practice. Doing it doing it doing it means I will stay where I am or worst still even see a decline in my revenues.

Something needs to change. What is that something? It has to me, folks. I have to accept the day today is never ending. I have put a time(s) in my diary to work on activities that are not urgent, but value adding. Further, I need to stick rigidly to those times I have put aside for value adding activities. It needs to be done.

Personal and Professional

As you know to be a success professionally, you have to be a success in your personal life. By this I mean, you have to be reasonably contented in your personal life. I am working on this now. I have to allow time; I will get there.

I am looking forward to my cooking lesson tomorrow. It would be good to know how to prepare healthy meals. It will be a lifetime benefit.

I have not given up the battle with my weight. Great that I have not gained weight in recent weeks. Now that I am beginning to address other emotionally challenging areas of my life, I think my emotional eating will reduce which in turn is likely to lead to some weight loss.

Life is so short

I am firm believer that most of our problems are self-inflicted. The reason I am the way I am is because I failed to address some key aspects that were of concern years earlier. These areas were not easy to address. The longer issues are left unaddressed they snowball into a massive issue(s).

I am fed up of carrying the unaddressed long-term issues. Being a man, my weakness is not asking for help at an early stage. I am changing, but even now, at times, I go back to a man’s view. This is asking for help is a sign of weakness!

I just have a few good years left in me now. I want to make of best of these good years. The starting point has to be me feeling good about myself. I am not at the starting point. I am working hard to get there.

One thought on “My Week – Life is so short

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