My Week – Slow and Steady Progress

orange with leafIt was tough but a better week. We are making progress with catching up with our work. It looks like within next 2-3 weeks my involvement in the day to day will reduce significantly. From here, I can get back to business building. I need to. That is my role.

My sleep pattern has also improved. It needs to improve further through getting an extra hour’s sleep.

Potential client interest has died down. I am okay. At the stage, it will be difficult to cope.

There is still a fair bit of work we need to do. With Q and L on board, we will be okay within the next few weeks.


I mentioned a few weeks back that I asked for a Nutritionist help. I have been seeing her every two weeks. I am not dieting; I am beginning to improve food intake. Thankfully, no weight gain since I asked for her help. No weight loss either.

Saturday week and Saturday after that she is going to teach me how to prepare healthy meals. She will come to my flat. I am looking forward to my learning experience.

Reducing my contact substantially with a person who I found emotionally draining improved the quality of my week. It will stay this way. Life is just too short.


My Beetle is on eBay. It will be sold by next Tuesday. I should have done this a lot earlier. My starting bid was 99p it has now reached only £102. Bids do hot up in the last hour. It will probably go for £300.

An okayish week and an okayish post. Signing off for the week folks!


2 thoughts on “My Week – Slow and Steady Progress

    1. Thanks Nisha. Yes finally, things are improving. Loved your blog, such an honest account.

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