My Week – First Impressions

EmptyI am staring at a blank Word document and scratching my head, thinking what was my week all about. I am asking myself was it that uneventful? I will try and write down what I think were the key events.

I have no doubt you know those first impressions are important. At times, I do not put enough importance to making an all important good first impression. There is no second chance for that first impression.

I had an excellent potential client meeting. I think I messed up at the end on the courtesy front. At the end of the meeting, I did not escort the client to reception and then up to the lift area. I did not have a good day that day.

The poor client was informed by me how to exit the building after he is out of our office. I later realised he had our tea mug with him as he was leaving! I think he felt he was not welcomed. I can understand why. My handling towards the end was dismissal. I have found signing on new clients is not that different to mating rituals. Get one thing wrong and you are blown off!

I am sure you will not be surprised to hear, despite the client saying early on in the meeting he will come on board, I have not heard from him. My attempt to contact him failed.

Lack of control

We are still firefighting. It was another week, where we have not got on top of our work. There is a lot to do. I do not think I have enough control to steer the practice in the right direction. At this stage, the practice is coasting which ever the wind (client demands) are blowing. I think it will be a few more weeks like this week. The software and staff changes have hampered the progress of the practice.

I intend to have a serious word with myself over the weekend. More recently, nothing is gelling the way I would like to. I am letting events control me. Also, I am tired most of the time since I have difficulty in sleeping. This, in turn, impacts on my productivity and wellbeing. I intend to reduce my contact with one person who sucks up my emotional energy and time. That, I am sure will make some difference.

I will also look into ways to get a good nights sleep. This is the most important of all changes that I need to make.

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