My Week – Consolidation

Life is like

Over the week, I put a stop to all marketing activities. It is getting too much now. It feels like we are everywhere.

I would like to use the time to consolidate all our activities. What I mean by this is I want to us to be better organised and streamline our work process. Further, to make sure that we have up to date client data. This does not sound like a time-consuming task. It is.

Despite the fact that I have employees now, my practice still keeps me awake, and I find it difficult to sleep. The period after M left and before Q started has left a hole, that is not easy to fill. Far too many aspects of the work were left uncompleted.

If you remember, the period in question, was also a time for unprecedented expansion. That meant I had to let some aspects of the work slide. This included setting up Direct Debits for new clients, not invoicing clients for additional work and also not increasing fees for clients where they needed to be raised. This is keeping me awake. I will use the extended weekend and address the issue.

Due to the sheer amount of work, I had to get involved in client work. My plan for spending less time on client work did not materialise. I need to move away from client work. Otherwise, it would damage my business. My role is to work on the business and Q’s, and L’s role is work in the business. It did not work out this week. I have to make sure by the end of June we are sorted.

Short My Week post this week folks. Best not to waffle on when I do not have anything meaningful to say. I am also exhausted.