My Week – Breathing Space

RaleighWhat a relief! And I do mean what a relief folks! It was only yesterday; I got the confidence and comfort that Q will effectively manage about 75% of the day to day work. From next week, I will have the space to do what I want. It includes allowing time for myself.

The first five months of 2016 have been very difficult for me. Software, staff issues and client work took over my time (life). I can say, they have been the worst months of my practice life.

I am impressed with Q. She has won my confidence now. Most of our clients have 31 March year ends. She is doing the work as outlined by me. This is to hit those accounts and personal tax returns NOW! She is doing well.

L is also doing well . I am pleased with both of them. We are all working as a team. I am pleased that there is such a good atmosphere in the office that makes all of us want to be here.

The plan is to have an easy tax returns seasons. I think we will do it.

From next week, I will be mostly hands off client work. I think about 30% of my time will be client work. Then the following week, it will reduce to 20% and later on 15%.

I am not in expansion mode anymore. I want to take a breather, keep everything ticking and give myself the time to think and allow myself time to relax. Believe me; I need it!

Reading my AW blogs dating back five years, brought home to me that the issues I faced then, I still face them now. I threw myself into work, and I did not allow myself to address some key personal issues. If the current equilibrium does not change, I will be one happy person to have the breathing space for personal life.

I am now looking forward to a balanced life. Working on my practice and addressing long-term personal todos/issues. I hope it stays this way.

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