My Week – Zzzz


My sleep pattern is poor. Over the week, in my search for the ways to improve my sleep routine, I came across YouTube video that highlights so well the importance of sleep. Further, the serious consequences lack of sleep causes on other areas of our lives. One of these is weight gain.

In our highly connected world, large numbers of us are not getting enough sleep. It applies in my case. I have started to make some changes. I want to make sure I get an adequate amount of sleep and get up fully rested.

Please watch the above video. It will sell you the importance of getting enough hours of sleep for you to get up rested and energised.

Strategic Vision

Most of us are hungry for new clients. We want expansion. I have learned the hard way that growth should not be at the expense of taking on clients that do not fit your way of working.

As you may know from my AW Any Answers post, we were approached by a small charity to provide an in-house accounting service. Thanks for the response. It helped my thinking.

It has never been my vision for my practice to act as an in-house accountant. My varied experience in accountancy has proved this is a never ending function. On reflection, it would take over the practice work. Don’t get me wrong it is not easy to say no to an annual income of £15k plus. It is NOT the direction I want to go. My limited exposure to the charity finances proved they can be very difficult. I will politely say no to this job. It goes against my strategic vision.

My time on client work

In general, since I have my two employees in the office every day there was a noticeable difference in my workload. It is not yet where I would like it to be. It will be within the next two months. For business growth, I do not want to spend more than 25% of my time on client work. Over a period of the time, I would like to reduce this to 15 to 20%.

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