My Week – I have a dream


Dandelion clock in morning sun

For my small practice, I am on my way to create a learning and open culture. I wanted to do this since I went on my own. I do not mean a formalised process to create this culture. What I mean is this should come from the heart and my actions.

This week, I was so pleased to see some evidence of this learning and open culture beginning to taking shape.

I learnt the hard way never to criticise my employees about their lack of knowledge. It is better to sit down with people and explain how they can do the work on their own next time. Also, always encourage and support people. It makes them feel good about themselves and boosts their confidence.

Over the week, I was so pleased to see Q and L working well together. Q was teaching L how to prepare simple personal tax returns (they did this without me asking them). I could see this made Q feel good about herself and L appreciating the opportunity to learn.

Remember, this was the first week when I had a full house office. There was such a good atmosphere in the office. This environment motivates my small team to perform their best.

The other area is to create an open culture between the team. By this, I mean, everyone in the team feeling free to express their opinions and ideas without the fear of being belittled or losing their job.

It starts with me. In the sense, I need, to be honest with my team. I should not break my promises and the advice I give, when asked by my team or clients, should be in their best interests. Also, I should encourage and support my small team to express their ideas and views freely. All this, TBH, comes naturally to me.

I think I am getting there with learning  and an on open culture within my practice.

I wonder if I would have any success if people working in my practice were not the right fit. In other words, they just do not buy into learning and open culture. It would create problems and hamper the success of my practice. Further, it is not something on which you can say, to your employee, you are not performing so, let’s part company. You just have to make the best of the worst situation. Doesn’t this show how important it is to ensure the selection process picks people who are the right fit?

I can now see a time when the need for me to be in the office will reduce and eventually not be needed. I am looking forward to the day when my practice can operate efficiently without me. For the short term, I am looking forward to taking the weekends off, from this week!

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