My Week – FT of all trades


As a small practitioner owner, the running of the practice is down to you. IT goes wrong; you sort it out. Bulbs in the office need replacing, you deal with it. A client’s toddler decides to wee in your office (happened this week) you are responsible for cleaning. I am sure you get my point.

Like other small business owners, you have to be a jack of all trades. This is a difficult shift to make if, like me, you c0me from a background that has the support of a PA, IT department, and other functions. When you have a problem, you just call them, and it is done. You just get on with your work.

My week was taken up in being a jack of all trades. Both Q and L had problems with their desktops. One of them was easy to sort out. The other took up a lot of my time.

The computer slowed down, had millions of ad pop-ups. I tried to resolve this; it did not work. I then took the desktop to a computer repair shop. Their cost of repairs made the computer beyond economic repair.

I want to Dell website; delivery time was too long. I went on Amazon and bingo as a Prime member. As you know, it does not end there. There is then the setting up of the PC and adding the software. Time! Time! Time!  Each minute a computer is inactive, you are losing valuable staff time. As you know, employees are the most valuable asset of any practice. Productive time lost affects my bottom line.

All the time you are trying to sort out nonclient issues, clients emails keep coming. Some of them want the information yesterday.

It was a week in which I sweared a lot. Though not in front of Q and L. Just when you think you sorted yourself out, something else pops up. Always!

Even after all the above and not having enough time for myself, I am still pleased with my micro practice and the way things are going. With Q on board full time from next week, I see a better work-life balance. Far better.

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