My Week – Full House



From 2 May, I am pleased to report all the three desks with dual monitors will be used in my office. It has taken some doing to get here. I hope it stays this way.

Q accepted the full-time role. If you remember, she is a qualified ACCA. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, she does not tick all the boxes. In time, with support and encouragement, I am confident she will get there.

I have also taken on L a recently completed AAT candidate. She will be here all the working days. Though her hours will be around school times since she has two school age range children.

I now have a good little team. I love the team. This will work. By the end of May, I will get back to building the business and move on from current firefighting. I think both Q and L will stay. I hope so!

It is so hard to find the right people when you are a small practice, particularly in London. The fees are not that different to out of London fees, and the salary requirements do not match the fee earning power.

I also want to start taking weekends off (Prince dead aged 57!). A full house office means I will be able to do this.

Regarding client satisfaction, at present, for some of the clients, this is at a low level. I do not feel good about it. No, in fact, I feel terrible about this. They are my clients, they chose me, I want to look after them. They pay me their hard earned money. Now I have my little team things will improve. If I believed in God, I would pray to her, to make everything work. If only, I believed.

I need to make this work rather than expect (rely) on some divine intervention. That never happens. With my luck, it never will. I will carry on relying on me only.

Move to TaxCalc is going well. We know where we are with Taxcalc. Q expressed relief when I informed her about the move. L was updating taxcalc database (Hub). There is some way to go before it is 100% up to date. It does not stop us working with Taxcalc.

Honestly, it is such a relief to have moved to Taxcalc. No bloody concurrent user fees, increase in clients level fees, an additional user more fees. The fees for an additional user with TaxCalc is reasonable. For a small practice like mine, this is the way to go. We will be adding Taxcalc accounts production as well. This will bring some integration.

It was another stressful week. The week was bad. It will change since I now have the right team. I will chain them to their desks so they don’t leave!

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