My Week – One more year in practice


Analyzing business chart on laptop

On 1 April 2016, I entered my 9th year of my small (micro) practice I went on my own on 1 April 2008.  Here is the link to my blog on AW on the 7th anniversary of my practice. Rather than cover old ground, I think a question that I need to ask myself is what difference I have made to my practice in a year?

I am pleased to say that I achieved unprecedented growth. All the work I did in the past paid off. This growth has resulted in a real challenge of capacity that I have so far failed to resolve. Well, I tried, but I have not got anywhere so far.

Since M’s departure, I have failed on client service delivery. This is a big no-no for any business. It cannot be taken lightly in a highly connected and a competitive environment.

There is something about providing an excellent client service it makes you feel good. Failure on this aspect makes you (me) feel low that has a spiral effect.

I moved to TaxCalc over the week. Here is an organisation that is a shining example of putting their customers at the centre of everything they do. In the setting up, they went beyond the call the of duty. The issues I had were IT related and not software queries.They spent their time and helped me. I on the other hand, with my clients, am no way near this level of customer service. I need to be. I want to be.

I am working hard to make my 9th year in practice the best one, compared to previous years. I am making personal and business-related changes. At times, I feel nothing is working. I have to make it work.

The person to whom I made a job offer failed to produce evidence of his right to work in the UK. As you know, the law is very clear on this. No evidence, no job or risk a massive fine.

Q may become a full-time employee. She will think about it and get back to me. If she does, that would be great. She does not tick all the boxes but with support and encouragement, she will get there.

Am I avoiding the question? What have I achieved in a year aside from growth? Well, it is the actions I took to reach the growth. There has been a lot of trial and error to get there.

At this stage, further, growth scares me since I am not able to provide an outstanding client service.

What else have I achieved in a year? Recruited and lost M, my best employee. Moved to integrated software. That did not work for us. Gone even more paperless. That is about it. Is that all? Damn you! Yes. Growth is not easy. It took up an incredible amount of my time.

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