My Week – Soul-searching

Dandelion clock in morning sun

It was another  difficult week. I am failing on client service delivery. It is for the simple reason; I do not have the capacity I would like.

I seriously thought about cutting down on my client level, working from home as a sole practitioner. I very nearly made that decision. Life would be so much simpler.

My dissatisfaction lead me to do a fair amount of soul searching. What is it that I want? It resulted in more or less what I thought would be the case. Work is me. It is my life. That is what I love. I am addressing other areas of my life to bring some balance. I am unable to achieve a balance until my workload reduces.

Round about middle of the week, I could not sleep, so I got up and started drafting a business plan for my practice. That helped a great deal. In the sense of knowing where I am and where I want to get to.

The next day, I had some clarity. A lifestyle business working from home is not for me. I also experimented working from home for a couple of days. This confirmed it is not me.

Further, working on my own without other people is not for me either. I missed the exchange of ideas that take place when there is another person in the office. I also love sharing my experience with my employee(s). I like to help them better themselves professionally.

All this is very well, but the key is the bottom line should allow me to do what I would like. It does, over a long term. My long term and my business plan is over a five year period.

On the basis my prudent forecasts become actuals; I am okay. In the early years (first two) the bottom line is not so rosy, but from year three with the right employee(s), my practice will do well.

Talking about the right employee, I made an offer to a good candidate yesterday. If he accepts, I will be able to move forward.

Every time, I look at my website and my client list, it gives me so much satisfaction. I say to myself I did this from nothing! I know they are many others who have achieved far more.

We all have our own paths. I was not clear about the path to take. I am now crystal clear after some soul searching over the week.

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