My Week – Health and Wellbeing

circle of life

Since it is a public holiday, I will put more emphasis on nonwork aspects of my week in today’s blog.

I had a good first meeting with my nutritionist whom I appointed to provide practical help in how I could lose weight through an understanding of my eating habits and gaining a good awareness of the makeup of food I eat. Her other role includes teaching me how to prepare healthy food.

The meeting went beyond talking about weight loss and food. It extended to other areas of my life as shown in the wheel of life picture. Emotional eating is a complex area.

Based on the first meeting, I think I made the right decision by seeking the help of a nutritionist.

Already I have made some changes. I would not call these major changes, but it is a start of making some key changes in my lifestyle.

I dusted off my Wii Fit (I meant to put it on eBay. Great I did not) and connected to my TV. I reset everything, so I start from scratch. I set my routines for yoga. I sorted out my routine for weight bearing exercises on my Android app. All this took real emotional energy.

Every day, first thing in the morning I did both yoga and weight bearing exercises. This will now come first. Even, if I am late for work.

As recommended by my coach, I maintained a food diary. I was not concerned about calories. It was to note down what I ate. I do eat a lot! I will continue with the food dairy. It keeps me aware how much I am eating. Through this, I will change my eating habits.

I have made some small changes in my eating habits. I have added greens and more fruit in my diet. The breakfast cereals I now have, are not full of sugar.

Met M

I met up with M. It was great to see my best employee (now ex). She will receive a substantial pay rise. There is no way, any small practice can manage those salaries. Just no way. She works in a practice where a fee just from one client is my total fee base of my micro practice! The practice has the advantage of time. It is over 25 years old.

I would love to have M back as an employee. It will not happen.

I will be thinking over the short holiday period, about my next move. I have some options in mind.

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