My Week – Life Experience

beautiful butterfly

Hello folks, I was in a reflective mood over the week. This has resulted in a slightly (?), Sex and the City style post. I am not pretty enough for my content to be of a similar nature.

Being a small accountancy general practice owner, one’s life experience cannot compare to being a senior or a middle manager with a regular salary and a career path. More or less, meeting people that are similar to you. Your world is a lot smaller. Hell, was I naïve before going on my own.

My life experience through my practice has changed me. I am less likely to buy into sales talk, and I pick up on hidden agendas more quickly.

Couple client from last week

A couple client (girlfriend wears the trousers) who came to see my last week and agreed to sign on, emailed me this week saying it is a no.

The girlfriend thought about it and decided they do not need an accountant. She can do all the work. This is after all my hard work and charm! It has proved to be another life experience.

Another client of about a year, emailed me saying “I am paying you £XX per month, for what?” That was it. There was nothing else in the email. The email was completely out of the blue. He is a limited company client. We do all that is required. Deadlines have not been missed. My response to him was that he should let me know what services he feels he is not receiving, I will be pleased to help him. I did not get a response. Another addition to my life experience.

I think what makes our role unusual and stressful, is our long-term business relationship with our clients. We get to know them; we get some idea what they are like as people. The relationship goes beyond trying to make a good impression.

Money is not so good as a general practitioner, but people are so interesting, annoying, at times damn right puzzling and most times terribly unpredictable.


I signed on a nutritionist client a few months back. I met with her to see how she could help me. I decided to become her client.

Her role will be to educate me on the right foods to consume and how food affects the way I feel. Further, to consume food that is healthy and over a long term get me to a healthy weight.

The package also includes her coming to my home and teaching me how to prepare healthy meals. It is a three-month package. It is not about dieting. It is about making healthy choices. It will be a real life experience. Here, I think the benefits will be long term.

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