My Week – Where do I go from here?

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You may be thinking, there he goes again talking about the bleeding expansion!

To my surprise, delight and annoyance, yes expansion is continuing. The KPMG client signed the engagement letter. He is now our client. I emailed quotations to a few others. I am waiting to hear their decision.

Yesterday’s potential client meeting was interesting. A couple came, thinking they can do it themselves. Experience has proved that in a couple relationship, it is mostly women who wear the trousers. I could see she was against taking on an accountant.

I said to myself, she is the one I need to bring on board. Once she is on board, she will do the selling to her boyfriend. If she buys in, I have got the client. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half.

The decision maker asked a lot of questions. I responded with courtesy, professionalism, and with an odd smile. They left saying, let’s go ahead. The meeting exhausted me. She was very hard work.

As I have said before, building a much-needed client base takes a lot of time and it is emotionally draining. The regular day to day work, as you know, builds up. After client meetings and responding to client queries, I am not left with much time. The key question is where do I go from here?

Q’s 2 days a week, have proved to be grossly insufficient. Do I find someone else for remaining additional two days? It would job share. The upside of this is if one person leaves, then, at least, I have the other. The other option is a full-time person. If he/she goes, I am left without anyone!

Despite my reservations, a job share is more suited to my small practice. My experience has proved, taking on someone with child care responsibilities and someone can only work part-time, results in higher level of employee loyalty. This is an option I will explore further.

My stress level has gone up. Despite the growth, I do not feel great. This is because I do not think I have control of my life. Work/life is controlling me. I am controlled by growth, client meetings and deadlines. I need that growth. I am desperate for it. It is happening.

There is always a price to pay in whatever choice you make. My price is not feeling so good about myself. My diet is poor. Apart from cycling, I do not do much-needed resistance training and yoga. I think I look my age now 😦

Things, I know, will improve once I find another good part timer.

2 thoughts on “My Week – Where do I go from here?

  1. Why not prepare the weeks healthy meals on a weekend and freeze them? You’ll be eating more healthily and have more time for exercise and other productive tasks throughout the week.

    1. Hello cheeky, a good suggestion. I have a client who is a nutritionist. I will look into hiring her to advise me on healthy/feel good food. She goes as far as teaching her clients how to prepare healthy meals. From here, I will prepare healthy meals for the week.

      I am sorry, for some reason, your comment was either removed from public or was not posted in public. I will check my WP settings to ensure this does not happen again.

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