My Week – Overtrading

I have no doubt, every expanding practice goes through a challenging time. The challenge is an expanding client base and capacity to meet demands of the work.

Since M left, I have been building up a client base. The rate of growth has been the most rapid in my practice’s life. This is through sheer hard work on marketing a few months back.

The recent expansion has made it incredibly difficult for me. It is the hours I work with hardly any time for myself. When I am feeling down, I wish the expansion would stop. In my sane moments, I want my luck to continue.

To free some of my time, I forced myself to find a cleaner. At least this way, some of my weekends will not be taken up on cleaning duties. Also, my home will always be clean. Rather than me leaving it because I have to catch up with work over the weekend.

More recently, I have been exchanging emails with a KPMG client. He is not happy with their small business service. After a few weeks of grooming him to think my way. He agreed to become our client over the week. I emailed him an engagement letter today. If he signs, I think he will, It will give me such a high to get a KPMG client!

Part-time Employee

Q started her 2 days a week. If the expansion continues, I will need someone for the remaining days.I may go for job share option. I rather have one whole employee. It is so much easier.

Performing the mating act

I find it emotionally draining to sign on new clients. There is the first meeting. Where you (I) have to listen what is being said and respond appropriately. I have to get that body language right. Talk about fees. Followed by a quotation. Queries on the quotation, Followed by an engagement letter. Then setting them up to be our clients.

All the above is going on at the same time as meeting the demands of an expanding client base.


As the client base has expanded. I am finding my time is also taken up on client meetings. Thankfully not all clients ask for meetings. Those who do, I see them. Again, they take up time. The time that I value so much and I do not have enough of.


It is important I look after my health. Apart from cycling, I am failing to do this. Even when I try,.I just want to work. I just think about so and so to do. I do not shut off. The recent expansion is bound to slow down. I want to make sure I get the clients, then during the dry season, have time for myself. Whether I take the time off remains to be seen. I would love the weekends off. That I want to take.

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