My New Bike!

my new bike

Getting a new bike gives me more pleasure than a new car. How sad am I!

I do not buy bikes over £300 anymore. This is because experience has proved that they go missing. After my red Brompton, that cost me £875, I had enough of my expensive bikes being nicked. 

Due to the mileage I do, my bikes require regular maintenance. Further, I do not do any DIY maintenance. That means my bikes need their time off in a workshop. I cannot be bikeless while my bike is in recuperation. So I have now become a two bike household.

The old bike is now in a bad state. It if is beyond economic repair, I will have it scrapped.

The new bike is the latest model of the old bike, it is excellent. The ride is very comfortable and due to its better design, the visibility is very good. Further, it is fully kitted out. It is a proper commuter bike.

Remember, I hardly drive. I cycle everywhere and I love it! A few weeks back I started internet supermarket shopping. This means I now use my car even less.

My 12 year old car has done only 20,000 miles. My attempt to start the car, last weekend, failed. It has a flat battery. I could not be bothered to call car recovery people. I will at some stage.


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