Weekly Weigh-in: 6 February 2016

?????????????????????????????Hello folks!

I am too busy to work on the weight loss. I will carry on with weigh-ins and see how it goes.

I did weigh myself on Saturday. I did not get round to posting a blog, till now

I wonder if the gain will continue! 

Here is this week’s data:

This week’s result:  Gained 0.8 lbs
Total Weight loss to date: 5.8 lbs 
This week’s Weight: 14 stones 1.8 lbs
Weight left to lose:  58.8lbs
Start weight: 14 st 8.5 lbs (92.7 kg)
Target Weight: 10 stones (63.5 kg)
 Target Date (average loss 2 lbs per week) 4 June 2016

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