Weekly Weigh-in: 31 January 2015

pretty-Girl-on-a-Bicycle_-1936My last weigh-in was on 19 December. The tax returns season put me back.

I did let myself go on food front folks. I am surprised with a small gain. I was expecting it to be a lot higher.

One activity that I love and never missed throughout is my cycling commute to the office and back. Frankly, the work would have suffered, if I did not cycle to work.

Now that the tax returns season is over – yipee! I need to get back to weight loss trend.

Here is this week’s data:

This week’s result:  Gained 1.0 lbs
Total Weight loss to date: 6.6 lbs 
This week’s Weight: 14 stones 2.0 lbs
Weight left to lose:  58 lbs
Start weight: 14 st 8.5 lbs (92.7 kg)
Target Weight: 10 stones (63.5 kg)
 Target Date (average loss 2 lbs per week) 4 June 2016

One thought on “Weekly Weigh-in: 31 January 2015

  1. Don’t we all need to get back to it.
    I have 4 tax returns held up with queries and 3 tax returns needing OK.
    I’ve still got a lot of client work to do outside of tax returns so I’m still going to be busy in February. I then have a lot of non-client work: improving my information request ready for 06/04/16; improving my website and getting Data Mining from Digita and running it to see what services I can target to my existing clients.

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