Weekly Weigh-in: 13 December 2015


weight loss 2015Yikes! It is a massive gain. After all the hard work, I let myself down this week. I was doing okay up to mid-week, as the stress built up so did my massive appetite.

With a key employee leaving there was a lot of work to be completed.  

All I can do now is get back on the wagon and start the loss trend again. The gain was hard to lose and so easy to put on.

Here is this week’s data:

This week’s result:  Gained 2.8 lbs
Total Weight loss to date: 5.8 lbs 
This week’s Weight: 14 stones 2.8 lbs
Weight left to lose: 58.2.8 lbs
Start weight: 14 st 8.5 lbs (92.7 kg)
Target Weight: 10 stones (63.5 kg)
 Target Date (average loss 2 lbs per week) 4 June 2016

5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in: 13 December 2015

  1. Don’t beat yourself up FT. Its only just over 1 kg. Maybe you could make changes to what food you have in the fridge so that when you do fall off the wagon, whats available isn’t too bad. I have swapped reduced fat humous for butter so if I have a bit of toast its not as calorific as previously. Also have lots of grapes and lowfat yogs in the fridge. And if you have crsip dependancy issues then small bags of Cheddars are an easy substitute. Cottage Cheese is dull but healthy.
    I clocked in a 111.3 so only 200g of a loss but I only did 10k steps 5 days out of 7. I reckon if i could do 10k steps 7/7 everything else would fall into place.
    Keep trying. Visualise each extra pound as a troll desperately clinging onto you. Watch them fall to the ground and get trampled in the gutter!
    I can get away with saying stuff like that that because I’m the moderator!
    Stay positive.

    1. Hello Mumpin

      Thank you for the encouragement and support. Everything helps. My motivation on weight loss has gone down. I am sure it is temporary.

      Well done, for loss. It is a loss. Let’s both of us report a loss by the end of the week.

  2. That’s why I suggested not putting anything in your fridge that would add to your weight by any serious amount. Just have a few apples around or something like that.

  3. Peter, its XXL Mumpin the moderator here.
    Couple of points:
    Firstly would you mind prefacing all your comments with the phrase “You’d do well to take a leaf out of my book!” It just helps new readers to see where you’re coming from.
    Secondly I can’t help noticing you’re wearing crumpled jogging pants, an orange acrylic vest and flip fops.
    We’re tring to create a space for aspirational fat people to interact in.
    Ultimately we’ll be loooking for sponsorship from Jacamo or Evans Outsizes or JustEat.
    If you could make a bit more of an effort, Pete, it would be appreciated.

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