Weekly Weigh-in: 28 November 2015


I am pleased. I  am still on a loss trend. Once again, it is a small loss. BUT it is a loss and not a gain.

Early on in the week, I had put on 2 lbs. I was so annoyed with  myself. So I took action to aim for a loss. Even with half a pound loss, I would have been happy.

I really want to avoid any gains now. Having said that, at some stage I am bound to slip up! It is hard losing the weight and so easy to put it back on.

This weekend, I will be different. I will not let myself go, thinking well I can relax now, the next weigh in is far away!

I hope the loss trend continues.

Here is this week’s data:

This week’s result: Lost 1.3 lbs
Total Weight loss to date: 7.7 lbs 
This week’s Weight: 14 stones 0.9 lbs
Weight left to lose: 56.9 lbs
Start weight: 14 st 8.5 lbs (92.7 kg)
Target Weight: 10 stones (63.5 kg)
 Target Date (average loss 2 lbs per week) 4 June 2016

7 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in: 28 November 2015

  1. I would recommend daily weigh ins as a very small loss is good and no gain is still OK
    Waiting a week may let you think you can catch up after being less than rigorous for the first few days

    1. Hi Peter, I think you are spot on about daily weigh in. It will keep me in check and not let me think, I can catch up later on in the week.

  2. Well done, FT. Keep up the good work. I am 111.6 which is 1.2kg less than last week and 4.6kg loss since start. Mostly down to my Fitbit (doing 12.5k steps some days) but also am trying to eat more healthily. We shall fit in our Tuxedo’s on Christmas day. Don’t buy your new Samsung until you’re sure it has a fitbit on it.

  3. Peter! House rules! If you are going to post on this board you must state your weight in every post.

    1. Hello Mumpin, well done! Your total loss is 10.14 lb.

      Reading your earlier comments, I installed the fitbit app on my current phone. It is motivational. I did not look at the steps till I read your comments juts now.

      My 4 miles each way to the office is only 10,200 steps. The return journey would be 20,400 steps. I only did this twice in the week.

      Depending on the weather and time, I will up my walk to the office hopefully to 5 days a week. This would make a real difference.

      Using the app was a revelation. My 4 mile walk burnt only 350 calories. That is roughly equivalent to eating a 4 finger Kit Kat. I was thinking it would be a lot higher than burning just 350 calories.

      Peter is helpful as well Mumpin, best we do not have any rules.

      I think you will reach your target weight a lot sooner. This is good!

  4. FT, 232 cals in a 4 finger Kit Kat. Swap it for a banana! Didnt Gordon Brown shed a load of weight by doing just that? TBH i dont pay much heed to the Fitbit calories burnt thing. I just focus on trying to do 10k steps each and every day. You’ve got a slight problem in that I would say 20k steps, 5 days a week is just too much for an unfit (which is what we are) person, so that rules out walking to the office every day. Could you leave the bike at work so that you walked in on a Monday and home on a Tuesday?
    Also, what is the point of having your own messageboard if you don’t have labyrinthian rules on posting. Can I be sworn in as a Moderator FT? Pleeeease?

    1. Agreed Mumpin, 5 days a week walking to the office would be too much. Best to be realistic and balance it with cycling. I will do this.

      Cals made me realise my choice of food is so important. As you say swap the chocolate for a banana.

      Okay, you are the mod now. Peter will not be easy!

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