Weekly Weigh-in: 21 November 2015


weight  lossA loss is a loss no matter how small that loss is. Once again it is a small loss.

You may know, work-wise, it was not a good week for me. Part of me just give up on weight loss.

I cycled to work. I did not have the time to walk to the office. I want to make sure a lot of work is done before M (my employee) leaves.

Last night I was at my worst with my food intake. It was Friday evening and I had such a tough week. I needed Exante packs break.

I hope the loss trend continues. Apologies for not converting lbs to kg this week.

Here is this week’s data:

This week’s result: Lost 1.0 lbs
Total Weight loss to date: 6.4 lbs 
This week’s Weight: 14 stones 2.2 lbs
Weight left to lose: 58.2 lbs
Start weight: 14 st 8.5 lbs (92.7 kg)
Target Weight: 10 stones (63.5 kg)
 Target Date (average loss 2 lbs per week) 4 June 2016

2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in: 21 November 2015

  1. I gained 0.4 kg (about 1lb) – not good. I will need to redouble my efforts. Its difficult not eating comfort food when its cold and wet outside. I’m having similar staffing problems to you. I am starting to think the best model for me is to have a young fairly unskilled person who wants to learn and resign myself to the fact that they will leave after a year and I will need to replace them. Its not good to depend on someone who may leave you high and dry.

    1. Hello Mumpin,

      Thanks for posting your progress. I agree, it is more difficult in winter. You did well over the last two weeks. Best to think positive. A pound gain is a very small setback.

      On staffing, I will make a decision which way to go once I am clear what I want to do. There are many who stick with their job. As you know, it is part and parcel of being a practice owner. The downside is taking on a junior person is it takes up our time on training. Though I am open minded at this stage.

      I hope we both do well with weight loss next week!

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