My Week: 1 November to 7 November

weight loss

Saturday 7 November – Weigh in 

I was not good all the time with my eating pattern over the week. I was good during the day. I had my Exante packs. They did keep me going.

I found the walks tiring. This is because of the excess weight I am carrying. Cycling is far easier since my legs do not have to carry all my weight.   

Yesterday evening, I had a proper meal. I felt guilty afterwards and went for a 4-mile walk at about 10.30pm. I thought hell, I messed it all up!

I am pleased with my first week’s loss. As much as I would like the same result every week, I cannot see this being the case. As long as I am on the losing trend, I will be more than happy.

Last weekend, I sorted out my wardrobe. Most of the clothes do not fit. I have some really good suits and shirts that I cannot wear. My clothes are now sorted in four batches.

  • 32-inch waist when I was in my late 20’s.
  • 34 – inch waist
  • 36 – inch waist
  • 38 – inch waist – current size

The above also applies to my shirt collar sizes.

I want to get back to the same size as I was in my late 20’s! Then maintain that weight. It will be step by step. My next step is to get back to 36 -inch waist.

It is a long road. This time, I will get there!

Here is this week’s data:

This week’s result: Lost 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
Total Weight loss to date: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
This week’s Weight: 14 stones 4.6 lbs (91 kg)
Weight left to lose: 60.6 lbs (27.5 kg)
Start weight: 14 st 8.5 lbs (92.7 kg)
Target Weight: 10 stones (63.5 kg)
 Target Date (average loss 2 lbs per week) 4 June 2016




Tuesday 3 November 

I wore my hiking shoes today. A big mistake. They are heavy and not meant for pavements.

On the return journey home, halfway home, I was tempted to take the bus. I was tired and wanted the Gents. I had passed all the pubs and coffee shops.

I forced myself to complete the journey.

I am behind with my audio books listening. I will catch up with this on my daily walks to and from work.  I hope this will make the 8 miles walk a lot more bearable.

Once again, I did not feel like having breakfast. So I had the two packs of porridge for lunch. I was a little hungry, but I did not have anything additional to eat till my light meal this evening.

It is a long road to reach my target weight. I will get there. It will take months, though.

I may not provide daily updates folks. This is because by the time I get home it is late. I just want to switch on TV and watch something trash for half an hour or so. The main update will be on Saturday.

Monday 2 November

I would call it a great start to my weight loss journey.

I decided to walk to the office since it is better for weight loss than cycling. I remember Peter Saxton mentioning this.

During the day, surprisingly I did not feel that hungry. This is even after my 4-mile walk. I left my flat without any breakfast. I did not feel like eating.

During lunch, I had both my Exante packs the breakfast and lunch one. I had porridge packs. I found them reasonably feeling. This may be because I had two of them in one go.

During the afternoon, I was okay. I had a slight hunger pain. I drank water. I was okay after this.

I walked back home! So I walked 8 miles today. That is good. I will carry on walking to and from work.

Throughout the day, I made sure I drank water.

In the evening, I had a light meal following Exante instructions.

I hope the good start continues. I am finally feeling positive about weight loss. I feel it is achievable.

Sunday 1 November

The Turning Point

In all of us, change comes when we hit a real turning point in our lives. That is the moment most of us say to ourselves – “I had enough! I cannot carry on with the way I am. If I do, I am aiming for disaster.” I hit that turning point yesterday.

I booked myself for a 10-mile hike yesterday. First thing in the morning, all the clothes that I had bought for hiking did not fit! I am failing to put across, the way I felt at that moment. I mean those were my fat clothes at one stage. How the hell did I let myself go this way! What I am doing to myself. More importantly why did I do this to myself?  Again, I failed to put how I felt at the time.

I managed to find some clothes that I would not call fitted me. They were a tight-fitting. My man boobs were even more noticeable. I looked like a proper obese man. I hardly look at myself in the mirror. This time, I did. The person I saw was not the person whom I had pictured. I know I was bad, but not this bad.

I just about managed to cope with the hiking trip. It further made me realise; I cannot carry my excess weight. I just cannot. No! No! No!

Two weeks ago, I ordered Exante diet packs. I will now give this a go with COMMITMENT. It needs to be this way for me. I need choice to be out of what I eat. I cannot do calorie counting.

I will read in detail Exante instructions and follow them. On that note, on this blog, I will post a daily update as to how I am going. I need this to keep going. It will not be as long as today’s post. As you may have noted, today’s post is about setting the scene.

There will be a weekly weigh in on Saturdays.

9 thoughts on “My Week: 1 November to 7 November

  1. I’ve had a look at the website and it seems very good. Make sure you don’t buy any more food to have in the house. Will you be able to cope over Christmas? Is it best to wait until the new year and then do the diet seriously from 01/01/16?

    1. Hello Peter, thanks for your response.

      I spoke Exante (very helpful) to gain a better understanding of how all this would work. As you say, it is very good.

      I decided best for me would to go on Man Plan I am only on Day 1, but I am pleased. I have not been tempted to cheat. I would lose out too much.

      Christmas will be okay. I thought if I waited till 1st Jan, I would have put on even more weight. Based on Day 1, I am pleased that I started straight away.

  2. I’m going to join you on the Saturday weigh-ins FT. We’ll be the online equivalent of two heavyweight boxers, eyeball to eyeball, in our underpants, glowering at each other. I’ve just eaten my last slice of vanilla cheesecake and I’m shocking the scales at an unhealthy 116.2 kg. That was wearing work togs and brogues so I’m going to don my mankini on Saturday for an easy one kg loss and an early psychological boost. Have also got a Fitbit on my Windows phone and am going to go for 4k steps at lunchtime and 6k in evening. Let battle commence and damned be he who first cries Hold! Enough!

    1. Hello Mumpin, great to see you here.

      It would be good to have company on Saturday weigh-ins. Great to hear that you have made a commitment to lose weight. I would be pleased to hear about your progress.

      Please stick with doing your lunch and evening steps even of at times that is the last thing you want to do.

      I hope we both get to our target healthy weight.

      1. Hi Mumpin, I hope it goes well. It is good to have company with someone else who has the same objective.

        I think, I would have lost less weight if I did not blog about it. There is something in writing and sharing successes and failures. It helps me to achieve what I have set for myself.

        It would be good to know how you get on. Though no pressure at all.

  3. Stick with Exante and don’t eat other stuff unless they recommend it. If you do that and walk to and from work each day you will be successful. That is important to you and it is within your power.

  4. Omron BF508 Body Composition Monitor
    These scales mean you can weigh yourself without tilting over which distorts the reading. They also record your visceral fat.
    I would recommend weighing yourself every day. That means if you lose a small amount of weight each day it gives you confidence and if you gain any weight you can try harder to lose it quickly. Weighing yourself only once a week means you don’t respond fast enough to changes.

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