My Week – Slow Growth

My Sunday Ramblings I am pleased with our organic growth. Even with my virtually nil expenditure on marketing, client recruitment is going well.

This week, once again proved that potential clients are finding us. This is some achievement on our part. The hours I have spent on branding, website design and learning Google ranking are reaping the benefits.

Here is the thing – organic growth is slow for me. I want speedy growth. I want to expand fast. I need to think of ways to achieve this. One option I am looking at is seminars/workshops.

I need to go into overdrive with my marketing. This I hope will further increase the sign up rate.

I do not do networking because of the time it takes and secondly because I am not 100% comfortable with myself due to my weight issues. I would not come across well at networking events. I am forcing myself to do seminars/workshops.

I think for the moment, I will leave out networking and concentrate on other ways.

We recently took on a client from Crunch. Having had a close look at Crunch, I am impressed. It is a sausage machine practice. It is so well streamlined, their branding and their IT is superb. They only deal with freelancers and nothing else. What a great example Crunch is making a success of compliance work. All this scare stories by practice gurus about compliance work dying out. Nonsense.

In terms of our marketing, over the week I was looking at digital brochure for our practice. I was also looking at producing well branded digital brochures guides on 1) simple tax savings, 2) Limited company – for you? 3) VAT – what to consider. Please look at to see what I mean by digital brochures.

All the above is not cheap. I need to remove my accountant’s hat and spend on marketing. Look at successful organizations such as Crunch, TaxAssist, and Xero. They allocate resources to marketing.

I no longer think marketing and branding is a luxury. With increasing competition, it is essential for survival and growth.


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