My Week – Uncompleted Todo List

My Sunday Ramblings It was a disjointed week. It could have been a lot better. I did not complete all the tasks that I wanted to complete on my Todo list.

Working 4 days a week is proving to be difficult. Nevertheless, I need to carry on with a shorter working week. I am beginning to see the benefits in my personal life. I need the time.

In my middle-aged years, I am beginning to appreciate the importance of a balanced life. I am asking myself why did I not do this years earlier.

I think it would have been difficult in my earlier years. I was an employee and had far less control over my work. There was also the financial aspect. I needed the money for the bills.

I am pleased to be awarded a Growth Voucher. I will use it well on marketing. It is finding the right people in the world of marketing. It is so difficult. The ones I have come across do the talk without the walk. What is it with the marketing people?

We did get a steady flow of potential client inquiries over the week. Very much a mixed bunch in terms of quality.

From April 2014, I intend to give more responsibility to my staff member. This will include billing, credit control and all of the payroll. This will mean he and the intern will have at least 90% of responsibility for the day to day practice matters.

It needs to be this way. I want to free up even more of my time for business expansion activities. Of course, the handover will be time-consuming. Once it’s done, it will free up my time.

I liked this OP around practice strategy. Why such a low response rate? I was looking forward to reading other accountants vision of their practice.

Like today, my week was okayish. Next week, I hope to tick everything on my todo list.


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