My Day – 16 March to 19 March

 Wednesday 18 March 

I was not taken in by the Budget fever. I never am. It takes time to digest the information. Further, information that is relevant to my clients does not amount to that much.

As regards to digital system. I do not have enough information to be concerned. My experience is clients prefer an accountant to handle their tax affairs for the comfort factor. There will always be a need for accountants.

I spent fair amount of work time (had to) reading up on surgical weight loss options. They do require a life style changes. May be I can do this without going for surgery?

I decided to give myself till September 2014 to make the life style changes and lose some of the weight. I cancelled my Saturday appointment with the consultant.

I will look at ways I can get home earlier. After checking on my mother, by the time I get home it is normally 9.30 pm. I am exhausted by that time. In the morning, I rush off to get to the office.

With Fridays off now, it is giving space to think about aspects outside work.

Tuesday 17 March 

EDIT – I had  no idea till now; Happy St Patrick’s Day! I have some great Irish clients. I should have emailed them.

I did not get around to looking at approved Growth Voucher marketing services providers. The day goes fast. My Todo list was not even half completed.

Had Bright Pay (BP) demo. I was thinking about moving from Moneysoft. The software looks more user friendly. For me it failed on the following:

  • No RTI Batch filing
  • Cannot email payslips direct from the software
  • Not 100% whether okay to save Bright Pay file on Google Drive. Okay for Dropbox

For above reasons, I am sticking to Moneysoft. I was informed by BP that they will be addressing above issues.

Normally my emails are in the right folders so my inbox is empty. I sort as I get them. Past 2 weeks things went haywire. Sorted all my emails. My inbox is now empty!

Monday 16 March

It is already the middle of March. Can you believe it?!

It was a typical busy Monday. There was more to do since we are not in on Fridays.

I arranged an appointment with a consultant to discuss Gastric Band and Gastric balloon options. The appt is on Saturday. I am in two minds whether to go. The cost of the appointment (just to discuss the options) is £250. I leave it till Wednesday. If I change my mind I will cancel the appt.

I was lucky enough to be awarded a Growth Voucher today. I intend to use it for marketing. It was a simple process – 1) Online form 2) Arrange telephone discussion 3) Have telephone discussion 4) Got it – yes or no.

My mother’s care worker could not make it. It really interrupts my day since I have to do some (not a huge deal) work. Old age is depressing!

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