My Week – Everything is tickety-boo?

My Sunday Ramblings I am pleased with the increase in number of potential client queries. This has then followed by our increase in sign up rate.

I think we are beginning, and I am mean beginning, to get somewhere. If the current growth rate continues, we will get what I have I have set out to achieve.  

As I mentioned in My Day blog, we are adding more clients to Xero. My plan is to try and get a total of 100 clients on Xero by the end of the year. At present, we only have 30 or so clients. I have set an ambitious target.

I am falling behind on business blogging. Over the week, I failed to get a business blog out. NEED to change this. It needs to be one business blog a week for the sake of our SEO. I will do this every Monday now. I do not have an excuse. I blog here!

I was pleased with two good client reviews we received on Monday. Client reviews do help with SEO; I will now aim for one client per month. This means I will have to ask clients to leave us reviews.

My sleep pattern improved over the last couple of days. I need to improve further by earlier bedtime. I need my sleep. I am not one of those who needs only needs a few hours sleep.

With an increasing workload, it is challenging to reduce my working week by a whole day. I am forcing myself to have a balanced life. This is one of my actions to achieve it.

I think I deserve some self-praise for completing the social media marketing course. Well done me! I have learnt a lot. In time, bit by bit, I have no doubt I will be putting what I learnt into practice.

So I how can I improve myself next week? I need to:

  • Sort out my sleep pattern.
  • Action on one business blog a week. Monday to be the business blog day.
  • Make time for resistance training and yoga. Just find the time.
  • Decide and implement Google contacts sharing app. Google is not good on contacts sharing.
  • Start sorting out my personal finance

Okay it is time for me to forget about work till next week folks!


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