My Day – 9 March to 12 March

Thursday 12 March

A big weight off my shoulders. All the social media marketing (SMM) assignments were completed today. I also went to the college, met the tutor and handed over everything I needed to. There was  also a video question and answer session. This is whereby I had to answer questions on camera on SMM. 

Okay, I have learnt a lot but I have applied very little. My excuse is TIME. I think I will apply. It will take a little time.

My mother’s care worker had a personal problem so did not turn up today. I was on breakfast duty this morning.

Must end on a positive note,  things are starting to improve. I am sure this will continue.

Ta-ta for now

Wednesday 11 March

Today can be put down as the one that got away.

Received a call from a potential client. He was happy with the fees and services. He wanted to go ahead.

Upon receiving our engagement letter. He emailed and said he was confused by the fees in the letter.

It was too late by the time I responded. Recurring fee gone.

It made me think it is only through hard experience with potential clients that I (we) learn.

I think the client had a point, the way I had outlined my fees can confuse some people. I will change this.

Need to sort out my sleep pattern. Once again, I could not sleep till about 3am yesterday.

Apart from a lost client, productivity wise it  was the best day of the week.

Got to my flat about 9:15pm. It does not leave me much time to myself in the evenings.

Tuesday 10 March

My 4 day working week is not working as well as I want. I need more time. Having said that I need to sort out other stuff outside work.

At least for the remaining 8 weeks, I will carry on with my experiment of 4 days working week.

Had such a busy day. I hope this is not seen as bragging, the recent improvement in the sign up rate has increased our workload. This is a good thing

A person I met through my social media marketing class, called today for a meeting to sign up. He is a small fee client. Of course, he would be welcomed.

Our monthly Xero bill is now nearly £300 +VAT.  It will going up and up since we are adding more clients to Xero.  Cloud is the way to go. I really did not give thought to what to do when clients leave. At present paying £2 month just to keep Xero. Not the best way

Just too tired now. Could not sleep till 3am yesterday. Need to get to the office earlier since I work only 4 days a week!

Monday 9 March

A usual busy Monday. What made it good was we received 2 good client reviews. It cheered me up.

Small downer is a client leaving us. She is moving back to Italy. She will be closing the business in UK. That is why it is so important for marketing to be non stop activity. Clients lost need to replaced. I do not think anyone can stand still on marketing.

Did not get business blog out. Will do tomorrow.

I am so amazed with most the contributors on AW. It makes AW what it is. A great forum. Both on my compliance thread and Goodie bag thread, honestly I was blown away by most of the responses.  No, let me rephrase that, I think all the responses were great.


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