My Week – Growth

My Sunday Ramblings My week ended well with a client sign up yesterday. He has two limited companies.

It was interesting. He had more or less made up his mind that he would become our client through online information about us and our exchange of emails. All this means it is so important to ensure that there is nothing damaging online to affect our reputation.

I am wondering how do we make sure that when someone writes about us online, we know what it is that they are writing? This way at least we can take action on damage limitation. Is it Google Alerts that we use? I have not used this before.

Another interesting point is our practice has grown as a result of Google. Potential clients find us through Google. We rely so much on it. I do not do networking. Till now, I have not done any active marketing.

It concerns me. Any change Google makes that adversely affects our website’s ranking will have a direct impact on our business growth. That is the worrying power of Google.

As we grow, it is vital we do not fail on our housekeeping. This week was noticeable that we are failing, and I am not happy. It is through efficient housekeeping that real time savings are achieved.

I am sure you know about the time wasted looking for client contact details, that missing file, and that missed  deadline. We do need to get on top of this!

Part of the problem is that my staff does not like this important side of the business. So he tends to neglect this area. I will need to make sure we are up to date with our housekeeping.

As you may know, my staff is now handling most of the day to day practice matters. This is a good thing. All this then lead to me think one day when I am mentally incapacitated I will have to hand my practice to someone else. All my hard work and some person will take it over! No! No! No! However, it is Yes! Yes! Yes!

I will not give up easily. If I can say this, I am so proud of what I have built. It may not be much to some, to me it is my world. I breathe it, and I live it. My waking life is all about my business, and I love every minute of it.

I love the challenges that I face. The ups and downs of getting that growth and all the work that this entails. I love my staff.

I do not want to give up my brand/business to someone else. That day will come! If I were not a Humanist at least, I would say to myself I will be going to a better place, or I will be having a better life in my next birth.

Getting back to growth, more recently our sign up rate has improved. I am not sure why this is. I think it could be the whole package from the point they came across us, our website, the new brand (It is so good!) our fees, our office and finally the meeting.

I so hope the growth continues before I will have to be dragged kicking and shouting to give up my practice to someone younger and prettier! I wish I went on my own years earlier.


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