My Day – 2 March to 5 March

Thursday 5 March

Busy day.

Spoke to the marketing consultant. Not happy. I will reflect on her proposal. Initial feeling is she is just not right for our practice. A lot of sales talk without much substance.

Potential client I met yesterday signed up today. It is hard work signing up clients. There is a fair amount of communication before they say sign.

Clients are savvy. I can no longer charge £175+VAT for company formation. They talk to their friends who set up companies for under £20. As a carrot I charge £30+VAT. If they go elsewhere, some formation agent would refer them to TaxAssist (thank you Made Simple!).

Overall it has got so competitive now. We really have to be on the ball. Hence my idea of a Goodie bag. Overall, very pleased with the response on Goodie bag thread. Thank you all.

Another potential client meeting tomorrow at 5pm (no 2 of 3 I spoke to on Monday). Have to sign him on! He has two companies.

Having rest of the day off tomorrow.  I have a lot of personal stuff to do.

My Week blog likely to be tomorrow.

 Wednesday 4 March

Had a potential client meeting with a client who called on Monday. Meeting was good. He agreed to signup.

Though he may change his mind on receipt of our engagement letter. Sometimes it happens.

My area of concern with the current improvement in growth is we do not lose our way. In the sense of failing on customer service. Already, I am beginning to forget what some of my clients are about. Maybe this is a downside of growth?

We also failed to respond to a couple of client emails promptly. I do not want us slip on customer service. We need to retain our clients. Failing on customer service is a certain way to loose them.

Tuesday 3 March

Exciting and slightly nerve wrecking day. I am pleased to be here on AW. I think best to leave the past where it belongs and move forward.

Work wise my productivity slumped. Stupid me lost the keys to my flat yesterday. Also they were other keys like my car keys, my bicycle shed and keys to the office.All gone. It was and still is stressful!

Thankfully, my decorator had a spare set of keys. By the time I had access to my flat it was 2am. I also have a spare car key. Other keys – I will have to replace the locks.

Further, wheels and other stuff on my bike were stolen last Thursday. I was horrified with the repair bill £225. The bike cost £325. I fail to understand why they went ahead with the repair without asking me. Collected the bike today. Now keeping the bike in the office. It spoils to look of our lovely office. Have  had enough of my bikes being nicked!

We ordered a bigger fridge for our office. It was delivered today. We unpacked and installed the fridge.

I cannot have off days since I am now only working 4 days a week.

I found a NHS consultant performing gastric bands privately. I will arrange  a consultation to find out more about the procedure and then decide which way to go.

Want to end today’s My Day blog on a positive note. Business has picked up more recently. Further, I am positive about the future on both personal and professional front. I am beginning to live my life the way I want. About time.

Monday 2 March

What is going on? Has the economy improved? Are our fees too low?

Three potential client enquiries. They all sound promising. I am confident of signing them up by the end of next week. Let’s see.I spoke to all of them.

Staff taken over a lot more recently – good. Makes my life a little easier. So important to have the right staff for business to go forward. All my time investment is reaping rewards now. Great. Well he is bound to leave at some stage.

Missing our intern. She is  on long-term leave. She will be back in early April. She did a lot of grunt work. She is also learning lots. TBH she is my backup if my staff leaves. She lacks confidence, through this is improving day by day.


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