My Month – February 2015

cyclingTwo months just whizzed by!  Life is so short.

It is important that I use my working hours well. This means spending time on areas that matter. What matters is what I have set myself to achieve.

So what were the key events of February 2015 and how can I work better in March 2015?

The key events were as follows:

  • Decided on 4 days a week practice. I want to see how this goes for the next 10 weeks. I want it to work.
  • We finally sorted out our bigger office in the way that would work for us.
  • I went back to cycling after my accident. It is scary but I have not cycle.
  • Now they would be Day, month and year blogs. I am not sure about the day ones. Let see how it works out.
  • A bigger practice moved next to our office. They are very different to us. I am being asked questions by the owner that would be giving away my competitive advantage. I would not give such information.
  • A work plan set for Feb to April.

In terms of how I would like March to be is building up on the first two months of the year. They were far less than perfect. At the same time we did some good work.

In addition to never ending practice growth and normal day to day client work, in  March I would like concentrate on practice management. This will include (as laid in an earlier blog):

  • Review and improve electronic Filing systems
  • File naming
  • Improve templates
  • Easy Access to templates
  • Google contacts sharing and google contact sync
  • Easy access to contacts
  • Efficiency in dealing with paperwork.
  • Ensure Workflow Max has the correct info and is up to date.
  • Continue with social media marketing assignments.

Appoint a marketing consultant to advice on marketing actions for growth

On the personal front I would like to:

  • Sort out personal finance!
  • Sort out personal paperwork
  • Is  gastric band the only option left? Explore and decide.

My Month March blog will review to what extent I have been successful in achieving the above.

Good bye Feb!


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