My Week – Too much hands off?

cropped-cropped-my-sunday-ramblings1.jpgThis week was particularly noticeable as regards to my lack of involvement in the day to day.

I like it since it gives me a chance to work on activities to expand our business. Further, my client contact has reduced substantially since my staff is now handling all this. All good.

The thought occurred to me is what if my staff  leaves?

I am now more dependent on my staff. It has taken me a lot of my hours to get him to this stage. If you remember, he started as an intern with me. He is now become a sought after employee both by me and other practices.

I think this is a problem most business face as they expand. I have no doubt, there will become a day I will have to face and handle this issue. In the mean time I will find ways to retain him.

I am thinking maybe I am too much hands off now? . I have not prepared a set of accounts or tax returns (apart from my own ones) for the last 12 months.

I cannot involve myself in the day to day . If I can be a little big headed, my time is just too valuable. The opportunity costs are high.

For the moment it will be business as usual – I will continue to be hands off

As you may have read from My Day blog, I spent some of the week on my social media marketing assignments. I am learning a lot. The problem is finding the time for social media marketing and whether there is a good ROI from it. I think I will take it in bit size chunks. May be start off with Twitter only and then move to other areas.

I am pleased with our client recruitment. Our sign up rate has improved substantially. We are beating the competition. Potential clients see at least two other accountants. There is something we are doing right. Believe me we have struggled on this area before. I hope the good times will last.

One area we need to sort out are Google Contacts. Syncing of Google contacts across our domain is not possible through Google. I am currently exploring Google Market Place for other options.

As you know with new clients on board there is a fair amount of admin work. We will be doing all this next week.

That’s it folks! I am off for the long weekend.

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