My Day – 23 Feb to 26 Feb

Thursday 26 February

A potential client agreed to sign up. It was a telephone sign up. She is a sole trader start up. So not that much in fees but as Tesco tag line says every little helps. 

Also had a meeting with another potential client.  A charity. About 30 mins into the meeting concluded that we are not right for them. Their systems are in a mess. More importantly we lack experience of charity accounts. I mentioned this to the potential client.

Client selection is important. If we had taken on the charity, it would NOT have been commercially viable. I think it would also have damaged our reputation as accountants for taking on work we cannot handle.

Wednesday 25 February

Note to self – go easy on cashew nuts!

Social media marketing (SMM) is a huge subject for a novice like me. I think it needs 1 to 2 days week. Current budget does not all for this. I want to go for digital marketing. Important that we do.

Potential client cancelled on me. I wonder why? What’s wrong with us! Hope he calls back.

Still working on social media marketing (SMM) assignments. Learning lots. Also relevant to our business.  Better than face to face networking. I find it this time consuming. Though SMM is an alien world to me. It is just too much.

Received proposal from the marketing consultant. Not impressed. Will speak to her to make sure I have not misunderstood.

Good that I am less and less involved with the day to day now. It gives me the space to work on expanding the practice. More recent experience has proved, it is working.



Tuesday 24 February

A better day today. Though need to get more done. Wish day was longer.

Had meetings with bank relationship managers of two banks.  My attempt to form what is called forming strategic alliance. Got on with both of them. Like any relationship will take time to reap benefits.  Should have done this earlier.

Received Xero email re Growth fund partners ie they giving you dosh to promote Xero. Good. Already made my application. Don’t know if we will get the money. I like Xero now!

So happy in our bigger office. Tempted to come in on Friday, but I won’t. Considering coming in an hour earlier in the office instead. May need to.

Monday 23 February

Could not sleep till about 3 am yesterday so was not that productive today. I nodded off at times! It will be early night this eve. I I need to be fresh for work.

Thought further about surgical weight loss option. Had a look at Gastric band (GB). Cost about £6k. I am not fat enough to meet NHS criteria. May be I should put another stone and then go on NHS? That would be stupid. Will give GB further thought.

There is so much bloat ware with Samsung. I cannot get rid of it on mobile and tablet. One of the downside of Samsung. I want to keep my IT life simple and effective. So no more buying IT stuff. What I have now is more than adequate.

Spent some of the day completing Social Media Marketing assignments. It is finding the time to put it all in practice.

Client I meet two Saturdays ago, agreed to sign up. Great.

Do not want to spend weekend with domestic stuff, so will now spend evenings with domestic tasks. This way my weekends are free. Will be difficult since after visiting my mother, its late when I get home. I will do what I can.

Want to get back to resistance training and yoga from tomorrow.

So looking forwards to long weekends.

Wednesday 25 February

Thursday 26 February

Day blog experiment

I want to experiment with My Day blog. The idea is I will jot down my thoughts of the day. I think, these will be quick notes. Some of it may end up in My Week blog.

I want to see how it goes.

Rather than a daily blog each day, I will use one blog for the week. I will update the blog every day. Monday to Thursday. The updates for each day are likely to be in the evening.

There has been an increase in readership of this blog. I am surprised and pleased.

Any social media course will inform you that you need to engage with your readers. This comes from readers commenting, and the blogger raising questions for readers to comment. That is not my KPI. All I want is to do is write down and share my thoughts and feelings so I can think clearly.

Care to comment?

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