My Month – January 2015

cyclingIn addition to My Week blogs, there will now also be a monthly blogs titled My Month – xxxx. It will take events from the weekly blogs and reflect on how my month has gone and what I can learn from it.

The weekly and monthly blogs will then be followed up by My Year xxxx blog. This blog will summarise my year, from the monthly blogs, and will be my reflection of the year. Once again, it will improve the following year for me.

Blogging does help me a great deal. The key is being totally honest with myself and you. Otherwise, it would not work. Even though some would be horrified that I would write such stuff.

I may experiment with My Day blog post. This could be quick notes of my day. Not sure. Writing is my therapy.

The key events in January 2015 were:

  • The office move
  • Works in my home
  • Declutter my home
  • Cycling accident

We are pleased with our bigger office. We feel like we are in business now. We have made ourselves comfortable. I do not want to move from our new office now. We are also further away from the office block property manager. This means we do not wind each other up so much.

Since the office move, thankfully, business has really picked up. I hope it continues.

Of course, we also have healthy lunches now in our new office.

I think at times it is best to not to look at the bank balance and just go with your gut instinct. The office move was one of those decisions.

There is just a small amount of work left in my home. That does not affect the enjoyment of my home. The decorator can delay the work, I do not mind.

Decluttering of my home went well. I now need to sort out my wardrobe. Keep some clothes? Will I ever lose the weight? On that note, I am currently exploring surgical options on weight loss.

Now with Fridays off, it will be such a help, to sort a few areas for years I have been wanting to address.

The cycling accident was a big let down. Stupid me, walked away without getting any details. I have lost work time from this. Further, I am still suffering some pain. Even worse, I did not call an ambulance at the time to be fully checked out. I wonder is this because I think less of myself?

We are nearly towards the end of Feb. My Month – February 2015 blog will outline what I will do differently in March to improve myself.

Care to comment?

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