My Week – Shorter working week?

My Sunday Ramblings As you may have gathered from reading my blogs that I have worked hard since I arrived in UK at the age of 16. Since going on my own, although I loved every minute, it has not been easy. I have not taken any holidays for a long time.

All this has caught up with me. I feel exhausted. At the same time, considering my circumstances, I am pleased with my achievements.  I cannot see myself taking a break for a whole week. That is not me.

Starting this week, my working week will be 4 days a week. Monday to Thursday. I will experiment with this for the next 10 weeks. If it works out, it will become a permanent arrangement.

You have to bear in mind on more than a few occasions I worked 6 days a week.

I need time off. For this week only. Today is my day off, and boy do I need it.

Luckily, both my staff would prefer a shorter working week as well. So the practice will be closed on Fridays for the next 10 weeks. We will review this to make it a permanent arrangement. I think it will work.

I had meetings with two potential clients last Saturday. After a long exchange of emails, one client signed up. She met two other accountants.

I also met another potential client on Monday. She signed up as well.

The remaining potential client I met on Saturday is very likely to sign up.

Another potential client with whom I exchanged emails and telephone conversations over the past three weeks signed up yesterday. Another woman.

What is interesting is our practice has always  attracted more women than men.  This is even though a simple Google search will give many mumpreneur accountants. As I expected women do they research before signing up.

We love working with women.Of course men are welcomed as clients as well.

More recently potential clients are asking if I am a qualified accountant. One client also checked my credentials with ACCA. I wish more clients would do this.

The whole debate about clients do not mind whether you are qualified or not, they do mind. When the word accountant is used, they assume you are a qualified accountant. They have no idea about the lack of regulation in this area. They are shocked when I inform them.

I am signing off to enjoy my day off today!

One thought on “My Week – Shorter working week?

  1. So pleased (please allow me to show off again) just signed on another client. Things are picking up. Hopefully this will continue. No doubt slow period will come.

    This times its a man. Good to have a gender mix!

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