Work for 2015

wpid-wp-1423178271500.jpegIn one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that I will share my plan on how I will spend my time in 2015.

So far, some of the key aspects are now sorted. These are: 1) Office space and 2) branding. I am now set up for expansion. In that regard, I met a marketing consultant today to help me with an integrated marketing action plan.

I will undertake some checks on the marketing consultant to make sure she is what she says she is. She came across well in the meeting. This is not enough, I need further assurance of her skills and her experience.

You know the saying the success journey starts with yourself. I need to sort out some mental issues. I am working on it. It is not easy.

I am not 100% comfortable with myself because of some issues that I am now addressing.

People can pick up signals so easily. The way a person dresses, the way they talk, their body language and their tone. If I have some mental issues going on, people will pick this up through non-verbal signals. This will impact on the success of my business.

Within the next few months, I will be in a far better mental state.

As well as sorting out my mental side, I intend to work on the following over the coming months. The rest of the months will be updated depending on how the first few months go.

February to  April 

1) Set up Efficient Practice Management

  • Filing systems
  • File naming
  • Improve templates
  • Easy Access to templates
  • Contacts up to date
  • Easy access to contacts
  • Efficiency in dealing with paperwork.

2) Appoint a marketing consultant to advise on marketing actions for growth

3) Preparing a growth plan with the marketing consultant

4) Review pricing, change prices on website?

5) Efficient system to ensure can easily access current

6) Work on actions agreed with the Marketing consultant.

7) Sort out personal finance!

8) Sort out Personal paperwork


1) Marketing as per actions agreed by the appointing consultant.

2) Start chasing clients for 2014/2015 tax returns information.

3) Keep an eye ensuring tax returns are in progress. Chase clients where awaiting information.

4) Ensure March 2015 year end account are under way.

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