My Week – We need a woman

My Sunday Ramblings My female staff went on leave early on in the week. The chemistry in our office changed with two of us (both men) left in the office.

This is even though the woman in question is quite and gets on with her work. I do not know why but there is such a difference in our behaviour when we have a woman in the office. Now, we are not the same with each other. TBH we are taking it a little easy. At times, we talked about subjects that we would not talk about when there is a woman present.

I am tempted to get a female intern till my staff gets back from her leave. This is for our sanity and our productivity.

I think it is best to work in an environment where there is a good balance between both men and women. Overall it is better for the business since different perspectives are brought to work problems. This leads to better decision-making.

Another accountant has moved next door to our office this week. At first I thought, hell! They are a bigger practice with 8 or so staff. They take anyone that walks through the door.

Speaking to the owner, their client based in the main are minicab drivers, restaurants, newsagents and groceries. These are the clients we avoid. I think the returns would just not be worthwhile.

I liked the owner. I think we get on. It is early days. It is very much wait and see.

Monday was an unusual day. We had 4 potential client enquiries. This was followed on by one potential client enquiry on Tuesday. What is going on? Out of all these enquiries, only one was of a good quality. I am meeting the client in question on Saturday. Other enquiries wanted free advice. They did not get it.

I watched some Sift YouTube XeroCon videos. They were some accountants talking about Xero Addons. I felt inadequate. These accountants sounded switched on. I thought I was more than okay, till I viewed the videos. Good, I was beginning to get complacent.

I thought John Stokdyk handled the questioning well. He brought out the key points from the people he was interviewing.

I felt John’s interview with Rod Drury was lacking in asking those uncomfortable questions. I thought this may be because of Sift’s financial interest? Xero being key earner for Sift? I may have got this wrong.

The key uncomfortable question being is will we see Xero final accounts and Xero tax, all well integrated with Xero PM. When Gary Turner is asked this question, he gives a politician’s response. Says a lot that says nothing at all.

Growth in Xero’s market share is concerning. We all know what happens when an organisation has a significant market share, it becomes bullish and loses sight of its smaller customers. Xero appears to be going that way.

I am now not sure if I have backed the right horse by going for Xero for our practice. It is too late to change. Pity.

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