My Week – Please go January!

My Sunday Ramblings January started well for me then it went downhill. The downsides were my bicycle accident and slow progress of works in my home.

On the home front, I can breathe a sigh of relief. As of today, 98% of the work is now completed. The remaining 2% is extra work that I would like done.

On my accident injury, I cancelled my appointment with my GP last Friday, thinking I am okay. I am not. I cannot walk to work because of the pain in my leg. Also, there are dark marks on my leg. I am going to see the GP tomorrow (Friday).

I do not feel good. I miss my cycling too much. It was whole week without cycling. I only use my car when I have to. It is over 10 years old and it has only done 28,000 miles. Over the week, I drove to work.

My productivity slumped. I feel lethargic. I need to cycle or walk. I am going nuts!

I hope my leg heals by Monday so I can walk at least some of the way. I want to cycle, but I do not want to put myself at risk.

We have settled in our new office. Apart from the rent, we are happy with more space. I ordered our logo that will go on one of the big walls. It will look great. I also ordered a good quotation that would go on another wall.

Even though we are up to date with our tax returns, I still felt the Jan tax returns stress. Weird.

The office move, my arguments with our property manager, my accident and the lack of physical activity means I took the eye of the ball on my business.

I would not put January as a productive and business expanding month.

My home is now done. I have privacy with my vertical blinds; fitting was completed today. Hopefully, I will be able to walk to work from next week. This means Feb will be a better month. I so need physical activity. Otherwise, my productivity will not improve from its current low level. Honestly, I feel yuk without my cycling.

I am aware I have not talked about work. This is because I have not done that much work this week.

Here are some pics of the office. Ignore the bare walls. That will change.




Vertical blinds in my home





4 thoughts on “My Week – Please go January!

  1. Do you have a very small office? Your desks look very cramped together. I wouldn’t fancy being so close to eveyone else.
    Oh and the dark marks on your leg – they’re called bruises! They don’t mean you’ll lose your leg. Walking on it is your best bet because you’ll loosen the aches out.
    And I have to ask – is that a shower cubicle you have vertical blinds up at?! It can’t be (surely) but it looks like it.

    1. We now have a spacious office. It is very good.

      We tried various layouts, the layout we settled on works for us. I do not think pictures represent the size of the office well.

      One advantage of the current layout is communication is easier. We are also talking more to each other . We feel we get on better with each other.

      The layout was not imposed by me. In fact, it was my staff’s prefered option.

  2. Of course there’s vertical blinds on the shower. Otherwise people would see you showering!

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