My Week – Changes

My Sunday Ramblings It will be a short and not so sweet post today.

Very busy with the office move. The property manager in our office block is not the easiest of the person to do business with. At every opportunity, she will go out of her way to invoice me for extras.

I have had heated exchanges with her in the past. I feel it is a case of a person who has finally got some power and loves to abuse it. I don’t  like her!

Behind that fake smile lies a person who can and does make it very difficult.

We ordered a new desk. Arrived but the legs were missing! Had to call Euroffice and get it sorted. Legs will be delivered tomorrow (Friday).

Also sorting out my home. Decorater is so slow. Ordered new blinds for the whole flat. I love vertical blinds. At the moment, the windows are bare. It does not feel like home with bare windows.

On work front, not much done. I am too busy with the setup of the office and home. This is January! Thankfully tax returns were done earlier on.

For the next tax year, I am aiming for 100% tax returns to be completed by the end of November. No excuses!

New business has slowed down this week.

Food intake hit the roof! Too scared to get on the scales.

Will walk to work tomorrow to ease the guilt. May walk to the work whole of next week, well till the next weigh in.

Couple pics of the week:

New office. Not fully setup yet



Found this when sorting out my flat. In working order. Will use it. Do not have the heart to put it on ebay.



3 thoughts on “My Week – Changes

  1. Thank you for comments

    Stand up desks are 4 times the price. Plus we would have to get three of these rather than one desk.

    Office is looking so good now!

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