My Week – Love you 2015!

My Sunday Ramblings It could be my 2015 honeymoon period, who knows, but so far I am loving 2015! No doubt nature will ruin it for me at some stage. It always does.

Next week we are moving to a bigger office within the same building. We want more space. The current conditions, we feel, are cramped. Our monthly rent goes up by £200. Gulp!

More space will create a far better working environment. I am sure our client recruitment will improve as well. This will be through our positivity!

As a result of having a fairly relaxed January, we have the capacity to take on new work this month. On the positive side, the number of potential client enquiries have increased. However, the quality of these enquiries could be so much better. It shows our new website is doing its work in us being found.

I will be saying goodbye to one recent client we took on. This will be after we have completed her tax return. She is not suited to us. Too much hassle for hardly any gain.

I feel better in myself. Key reasons for this is because I am finally addressing my weight issue in a way that I think would be right for me. In other words, I have thrown out the rule book on weight loss. I am doing what I feel is right for me.

It is only my first week on doing it my way. My way is no calorie counting and during the day, keep the food intake light but at the same time not starving myself. In the evening, I have my normal heavy meal. Further, I am continuing with cycling.

In my first week of 2015, I have lost 2 lbs. My target is an average loss of 1 lb a week. I have 50 lbs to lose. This means by end of December 2015; I should be at my target weight of 10 stones. I think pound a week loss is a realistic and an achievable target.

My home, I would say, is 85% completed. I have one of those decorators, who stops and starts. He is now stopped. I will have to keep chasing him to get the remaining work completed. I cannot fault him on his work though. He is very good.

I got rid of so much clutter. Three trips to a charity shop! See pic below of the last trip.


I had a box full of instruction manuals for items I got rid of years ago. Psion personal organiser was some time ago. The manuals ended up in their final resting place – the recycling bin.




My home is nearly there in the way I would like it. The spare room needs sorting. It will be a room where I will do my yoga. Talking of yoga, I will be putting my Wii fit on eBay. The phone/tablet apps meet the need. Wii fit is no longer needed.

I gave away many electrical items to my decorator. I want clutter out of my life.

I bought a new TV – 55”. It is wow! I also bought Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Love it. Goes with my Note 3 so well. I would not call this clutter. I also bought a Personal Video Recorder. The old one did not record in HD. The old PVR is going on eBay as well.

Pic of my watch.


I may come across as boasting. You have to bear in mind; I have worked hard for what I have. I see the rest of my life (what is left of it) as going a little easy on myself and buying things that I want. You also have to bear in mind I do not have children or a partner. This means I have the disposable income to spend. If I do not, my relations will enjoy my hard earned money. My sacrifice and their enjoyment? No thanks.

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